Comfortable Lodging

Included in the registration is food and lodging. The camp offers a combination of rustic cabins and modern lodges. All of the lodging comes with comfortable full beds.

We have three large lodges complete with kitchens, balconies, and common areas.

There are twenty small cabins that sleep 6 people; these cabins are arranged in clusters that allow for more intimate social settings around a bonfire pit.

Don't feel like camping is the same as roughing it!

Black Hills Retreat Center recreation:

There is ample free time scheduled on Saturday afternoon to experience some outdoor fun. The camp offers a variety of entertainment options.

Rock wall

Rock wall kamp kinship

Zip line

zip line

Water slide

The water slide went in in 2012, It is really a blast.

Paddle boats and Kayaks

water activities


Basketball and Volleyball

Meditation and Napping

Check List for Your Weekend at Paha Sapa:

  1. Bedding(pillow and a sleeping bag or blanket & sheets)
  2. Wash cloth & bath towel
  3. Ear Plugs (your roommates may snore!)
  4. Sunglasses
  5. Cap, Hat or Viser
  6. Swimming Suit
  7. Sweatshirt or Hoodie (temp can be cool at night)
  8. Flash light or latern
  9. Snacks - chips, cookies, candies, your favorite soda...
  10. Sun Screen
  11. Bug Spray (usually not needed.)
  12. Medicines - ie, alergy, asprin, etc.
  13. Guitar/Etc for the camp fire sing along.

What we provide:

  1. Housing - including bunk bed w/ bottom sheet. (No pillows, blankets or towels are provided.)
  2. Food - awesome indeed!
  3. Friday: Supper served from 5:30 - 7:00 pm
  4. Friday night snack (after the meeting)
  5. Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch & Supper and Saturday night snack
  6. Sunday: Breakfast
  7. Water, Coffee and breakfast juice